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The kingdom of Limeros

Limeros was a kingdom found in the world of Mytica in the novels written by Morgan Rhodes.

The Kingdom:Edit

Limeros is the northern kingdom in Mytica. Their primary trade is fishing and military use. Limeros is an extremely cold and barren country with abundant of snow cover. Despite the deep coldness, the kingdom of Limeros is found to be quite beautiful.


The Kingdom of Limeros was ruled by King Gaius Damora and his wife Queen Althea Damora.  They had two children, Prince Magnus Damora, and Princess Lucia Damora.  King Gauis also had another son, Tobias Argynos, and a mistress, Sabina Mallius. Out of the royal family, only the King and Prince were to survive the devastating wars that wrought the entire Mytican world.

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