Mytica is an island on which the majority of the Falling Kingdoms series takes place. As of the first novel, Mytica is split into three sovereign territories. To the north, there lay the icy kingdom of Limeros, ruled by the tyrannical King Gaius. To the south, the hedonistic kingdom of Auranos, presided over by the benevolent King Corvin. Nestled between the two, the impoverished country of Paelsia, which is governed by a narcissistic Chieftain named Hugo Basilius. Near the end of Falling Kingdoms, King Gaius conquers Auranos in a battle that claims the life of King Corvin. He then murders his gullible ally Chieftain Basilius, who aided him in the war against Auranos, and claims all of Mytica for himself. Later on in the series, Gaius surrenders partial control of Mytica to his new bride and ally, Empress Amara Cortas, who later seizes full control of his kingdom, usurping Gaius and naming herself sole ruler of Mytica. Mytica was once a rich and flourishing land, but has since declined due the dying magic that enhanced it in the first place. Magic is strong in Mytica, and myth is often reality.

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