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Lucia Damora is also one of the four main characters in the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes. She is the prophesized sorceress that can wield all elementia magic to find the Kindred, powerful crystals that can bring unbelievable powers of rebirth or destruction.

General Information:Edit

Lucia Eva Damora is the sixteen year old adopted daughter of King Gaius Damora and Queen Althea Damora and princess of Limeros. She is also the adopted sister of Prince Magnus Damora, who has romantic feelings for her. It is revealed in the beginning that Lucia was originally born in Paelsia and was taken away by King Gaius due to the foretold prophecy as a sorceress of incredible magic.

In Frozen Tides (Book 4) Lucia finds out that she has a sister Laelia Basilius and is the birth-daughter of Chief Basilius of Paeslia.

Part in the Book:Edit

The story begins sixteen years ago, two mortal but powerful witches, Sabina and Jana, set out in Paelsia in search of a newborn baby girl who is said to be destined to become the successor of the original sorceress, Eva, with incredible magic; she was able to control elementia without blood sacrifices. When the sisters finally found the baby girl, they were forced to kill her mother who was trying to protect her. Jana believed that both her and her sister can raise the baby in peace and train her to become a sorceress that can bring peace to the world and restore the elementia magic that has been long forgotten. However, her cruel and deceptive sister, Sabina, had other plans. And for that, Sabina killed Jana and claimed that the baby girl shall be raised by the Damora family of Limeros and discover the girl's destiny. So, Sabina took the girl to Limeros, there she will be raised as the Limerian Princess, Lucia Eva Damora.


Lucia is kind, friendly, quiet, intelligent, and loyal. She holds love and deep respect for her father and mother equally, but her father is cruelly strict and Lucia has a hard time connecting with her mother, due to the fact that the queen is quite harsh on Lucia. She loves her brother Magnus very dearly, however, she does not have any romantic feelings for him as he does. Like her brother, she masks her feelings and true intentions from people like her parents, remaining polite, careful, and smart.

Following the events of GATHERING DARKNESS, she became more ruthless and cold towards others, with little regard to their lives.


Lucia is described to be medium of height, with long raven-black hair, bright-blue eyes, and very pale skin. She wears dark, elegant clothes of Limeros, but other times she likes to wear bright clothes too. Lucia is considered to be a very beautiful girl, in fact she is described as the most beautiful of Limeros. Her dark beauty unintentionally attracts many boys, including her suitors, her brother, and the Watcher, Alexius. She has a thin and hardly shapely, but healthy and pretty build.


Magnus Damora- Lucia's older brother and the heir of Limeros. Since Lucia has hardly any friends, her brother Magnus is her only best and closest friend she ever had. Magnus is very handsome, brooding, and sarcastic; but he is always seems to be in tortured pain and anger. Lucia doesn't like the way her brother is always suffering, so she does whatever she can to care for him, protect him, and make him happy. However, their strong friendship with one another becomes strained when Magnus kisses her and tells her that he loves her more than a sister. Lucia is disgusted by her brother's feelings for her and rejects him. Although she will never love him the way he loves her, Lucia still cares for him deeply and doesn't want to see him suffer. In FROZEN TIDES, she uses Magnus by fake-confessing her love for him, kissing him and then using her magic on him forcefully in order to locate the stone wheel. Lucia comes to deeply regret hurting Magnus and she hopes to reunite with him to renew their once close sibling relationship.

King Gaius Damora- Lucia's adoptive father and King of Limeros. Despite how very harsh, strict, and ruthless her father is, King Gaius does show kindness and support for Lucia, but Lucia doesn't know that his true intentions of coaxing and caring for her is way to use her for his own gain. When Lucia kills his mistress and adviser with her powerful magic, Sabina Mallius, Gaius is, surprisingly, impressed with his adoptive daughter and brings her with him and his son, Magnus, so that he can use Lucia's magic to conquer Auranos.

Queen Althea Damora- Lucia's adoptive mother, wife of King Gaius, and Queen of Limeros.

Alexius- The Watcher who visited Lucia's dreams in REBEL SPRING, while she were sleeping after using her magic to open the Auranian Castle gate. In GATHERING DARKNESS, Alexius has been exiled to help Lucia in the search for the Kindred. They form a relationship and after locating all the Kindred, they sleep together and they elope to Limeros where Alexius stabs himself in order to break the spell place on him by Melenia, his Elder. This leaves Lucia heartbroken and alters her personality to a more cold hearted person. In FROZEN TIDES, it is revealed that she is pregnant with Alexius's child, which is weakening her magic.

Cleoina Aurora Bellos - Princess of Auranos, she and Lucia grew close together. Lucia gave Cleo the location of three out of four of the Kindred. Cleo then passes this information to the Jonas Agallon and the rebels. Later, Lucia discovers the other princess's ties and tries to take her life.

Jonas Agallon - In the fifth book, CRYSTAL STORM, Jonas Agallon meets up with Lucia incidentally, and Lucia goes into labor after just one month. Jonas lets her take his magic to help her ease the pain, magic which he discovers in the same book. Lucia names her baby girl Lyssa, after Jonas's deceased love interest, Lysandra, or Lys.

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