Auranos was a kingdom found in the world of Mytica.


Auranos is the southernmost kingdom out of the three, and the most plentiful and richest. Extraordinarily beautiful, Auranos is an enormous land filled with rich soil, evergreen lands, warm natural weather, and abundance of natural resources. Legend has it that since the goddess Cleiona managed to safely guard Auranos, it thus was the only one out of the three to survive unscathed by malignant forces.


Auranos was ruled by King Corvin Bellos, and his deceased wife Queen Elena Bellos.  They had two daughters: Princess Emilia Bellos, and Princess Cleiona (Cleo) Bellos. After the war with Limeros and Paelsia and the deaths of Corvin Bellos and Princess Emilia, the kingdom was ruled by the King of Limeros, Gaius Damora, although it rightfully belonged to Princess Cleiona (who managed to escape the palace attack unscathed).

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